ACMHE Member Newsletters

If you are a current ACMHE member and would like to submit a news item or event listing for inclusion in the next newsletter, please send it to Please keep your announcements on the brief side, ideally less than 300 words (if 100-200 is enough, that's great!). Images and links are welcome, so please feel free to include a URL to more information online. The last newsletter was published in September 2020. The next member newsletter is expected to be published in December 2020/January 2021. If you are not currently an ACMHE member, we welcome you to join or renew.

September 2020 NewsletterSeptember 2020 ACMHE Member Newsletter






May 2020 NewsletterMay 2020 ACMHE Member Newsletter






January 2020 ACMHE Newsletter January 2020 ACMHE Member Newsletter

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